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An Insider’s Guide to Atlanta Georgia

December 27 2018
Insider's Guide to Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is rooted in southern history. The state
capital of Georgia, Atlanta is home to nearly half a million residents. This is
the city of the Falcons and the Braves, a former home to the Olympic Games, the
headquarters to Coca-Cola and CNN, and underneath all the hustle flows a … Learn more >

An Insider’s Guide to Tuscon, AZ

December 19 2018
Guide to Tuscon Arizona

More than half a million people call the city of Tucson, Arizona home. This desert city is the perfect southwestern destination when you’re on the hunt for unique sites, great food, and budget-friendly entertainment. Tucson has been the backdrop for hundreds of movies and television productions,...

20+ Car Fixes You Don’t Need a Mechanic For

December 18 2018
Car fixes you don't need a mechanic for

There are so many costs that drive up your car expenses. And when it comes to our cars, most of these costs we can’t control. Yes, you can find coupons for lower-priced oil changes. There are even apps to help us find the best prices on gasoline, but, ultimately, many … Learn more >...

Thrifty Gift-Giving Guide-Shopping for the Whole Family

December 15 2018
Thrifty Gift-Giving Guide

When shopping for gifts, there is often a correlation in our minds that cost equates to meaning. That is, the more expensive the gift, the better it is. No one wants to appear cheap, but holiday shopping also shouldn’t put you deeper into debt especially if your household is already … Learn more >...

How Much Money Can you Make With Your Car?

December 12 2018
How much money can you make with your car image

Your car is an asset, but it’s also a tool you can utilize when you might need extra cash. While your automobile might cost you money each month because of car payments, maintenance, and gas, you also can put those wheels to good use to help offset loan payments and … Learn more >...