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Life Hack: Use B2S Shopping to Teach Kids about Smart Spending

August 26 2019
A shopping cart filled with school supplies next to an apple and water bottle on top of a lunch box.

The yearly supply list is one of the many lists
parents must check off for the upcoming school year. Kids in sports need
gear, band members need uniforms and supplies, and most growing kids and teens
need new clothes and shoes.

Depending on a child’s grade-level and involvement, back-to-school … Learn more >

10 Ways to Save on Back to School Supplies

August 21 2019
A shopping cart filled with school supplies set against a chalkboard background.

August signals the start of a new school year
across the country, and the beginning of another grade means fulfilling the
ever growing list of required school supplies.

Each year, that list seems to grow in length.
Gone are the days of buying just the staples: crayons, glue, paper, pencils … Learn more >