How Do I Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

January 8 2014

Many consumers have had their credit report damaged due in part to the current economic problems around the country. Problems with your credit score can leave you with remarkably fewer options for money in times of trouble. If you are in need of money, but have imperfect credit, there are only a few choices available for you.

While a long-term loan from a bank could be a good option, unfortunately, these loans are not available and not a good fit for many consumers. First, long term bank loans tie up consumers for long loan periods, up to 36 payments or more.   Often, these loans are based primarily on credit history. This means many consumers will have trouble obtaining a loan. Lastly, a loan from a bank can take a relatively long time to process and obtain. In many situations where you need money, you need it immediately.

Another option for a consumer with poor credit is payday loans. While these are short-term loans, the problem with payday loans is extremely high interest rates.
The better option for short-term loans is a title loan on your car. This a loan based on the value of your car and your ability to repay, and which can provide a comparatively lower interest rate than payday loans.  We offer multiple repayment options, and scheduling around the customer’s payday and bill due dates.  We do our best to work with customers so that payments can be made.

A car title loan stands out as a terrific option for consumers with limited or no credit history, but who own a car with a clear title.   With us, there are many repayment options.  You do not have to give up your car during the course of the loan, which is required by many other car title companies. Give us a call or put in an application on our site. We can get the loan process started quickly.

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