Here are the Secrets to Getting the Best Deal from a Car Salesman

March 20 2019
Getting the Best Deal From a Car Salesman

The words “car shopping” can be enough to strike despair into the heart of anyone. Most of us picture several unpleasant scenarios when we consider car shopping: sitting in a waiting room, haggling for a fair price, and driving off unsure if you got a good deal.

An Insider’s Guide to Huntington Beach, CA

January 28 2019
Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach might just be the perfect beach
town. While the California city offers many options for recreation, culture and
delectable dishes, it’s also low-key enough to be an under-the-radar tourist
delight. Those in the know understand that Huntington Beach is a dream
destination that’s more relaxed than the craziness … Learn more >