The Simplest and Best Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

January 24 2017

Like many people, you may need or want to purchase big-ticket items without having immediate access to the funds you need to pay for them.  That’s where having a good credit score comes into play. The stronger your credit rating, the easier it will be for you to borrow the money you need when you need it, and the less you’ll have to pay in interest during the repayment process.

Having good credit takes a little discipline, but it’s not impossible. Let’s run through some of the basic things you can do to improve your credit score that may have the biggest outcomes and produce the best results for you:

Paying Your Bills on Time

Paying your bills on time is the single biggest factor there is for establishing and maintaining a good credit score. By paying all bills on time, you send a message to your credit lenders that you’re a responsible person, you keep track of when bills are due and you make timely payments to ensure that you don’t fall behind on a payment schedule. Even if you don’t pay the whole amount that you owe when bills are due, paying on schedule consistently — and not missing payments — is the smartest move you can make toward improving your credit score.

Trying to Owe as Little as Possible

After the timing of payments, the amount that you owe is the second most important factor in maintaining good credit. Keeping balances as low as possible will show your lender that you care about not letting your accounts get out of hand and are dedicated to paying what’s owed as quickly as possible.

Trying to Have Diverse Types of Credit — Including Car Title Loans

Instead of “putting all your eggs in one basket” credit-wise by using the same credit card or installment loan in every case, try to diversify your credit types to show that you’re not dependent on just one or two sources for credit. One of those credit sources can be a car title loan. Making regular, consistent payments on a car title loan will show lenders that you’re able to handle this type of credit responsibly and may enable you to take out larger loans in the future.

Consider all these steps — including getting a car title loan — when attempting to improve your credit. With just a little perseverance and good bill-paying habits, you can be on your way to having a sterling credit rating in no time.