Benefits of a Car Title Loan with 1(800) Car-Title®

Qualifying for an auto title loan with 1(800) Car-Title® will not be difficult as long as you have a clear car title and you are able to provide proof of income. The process is short, and usually the money you need is in your hands quickly. So what are the benefits of a title loan with 1(800) Car-Title®?

  • Fast processing times: Most of the time, a consumer applies for a title loan to cover a wide range of expenses. The common variable between these loans is that the customer is not in a position to wait weeks for their money. 1(800) Car-Title® offers fast processing times that will allow you to get the money you need fast.
  • Credit is not the only factor in qualifying: A title loan uses the value of your car as one factor in determining how much you can borrow, and this allows your credit history to be a lesser factor. This is one of the advantages of a car title loan with 1(800) Car-Title®. We make a wider range of consumers eligible for title loans, it also reduces the time it takes to complete the loan process.
  • Flexible Payment Terms: We provide the option for flexible terms of repayment tailored to the needs of the customer. We allow you to repay the loan early, with no prepayment fee.
  • Credit Score Improvement: Your loan is reported to the bureau*, which can help your credit score improve if you make all your payments on time.

A car title loan is not dependent on having an amazing car. We accept many older cars, and they do not have to be expensive models. We have an assessment system that, unlike many title companies, offers loans on older, out of shape cars. Finally, do not forget, here at 1(800) Car-Title® we will never seek to hold the car over the course of the loan, you get to keep driving while you pay your loan.

*Except as otherwise required by law.