Killer Commute? Here’s How to Stay Productive

Killer Commute - Terrible Traffic Jam
April 18 2019

Getting to work can feel like a job all on its own if you have a killer commute to tackle every day. Commuting on your own, carpooling, or using public transportation can get you where you need to go while draining away your energy for the upcoming day.

Commuting can be especially frustrating if you’re one of the workers facing travel times of an hour or more both ways every day.

Fortunately, you can snag your productivity back from the jaws of your commute. Check out these tips for staying productive during your commute so you can make it to work ready to seize the day.

Stay Focused and Protect Your Motivation

Driving on the same roads every day and battling traffic can drain away your energy, leaving you tired before you even get to work. Keeping your mind sharp can help ensure that you will be motivated to get through the workday by the time you arrive at your destination.

You can beat back the energy drain of commuting by:

Staying Mindful

You stay mindful by focusing on the present moment. Try to avoid letting yourself drift during a commute. Staying present might involve focusing on:

·         Physical Sensations

·         The Sounds of the Road

·         The Sights Around You

Mindfulness can also make it easier for you to accept frustrating parts of your commute, like slow traffic or bad drivers.

Engaging Your Body

Exercising during your commute might not sound feasible, but there are small exercises you can do to stay energetic. You can do a side twist by slowly twisting your torso from side to side. You can also practice hand-squeezes. Some people even choose to walk or bike for part of their commute to stay active.

Focus on the Day Ahead

Commute time can give you a chance to plan out your upcoming day. Rehearse any speeches or presentations you need to make. You can list out your goals for what you want to accomplish at work and go over them. Take a moment to breathe deep while you’re planning out your accomplishments.

Increase Your Commute-Time Productivity

Some commuters spend an hour or more getting to and from work every day. You can reclaim this time and use it productively in several ways. Planning is the key to making your commute productive. Make sure you get the most out of your trip by:

·         Making Sure All Your Devices Are Charged

·         Packing Extra Battery Packs

·         Gathering All Your Supplies

·         Planning Tasks You Want to Accomplish

It’s important that you have a plan to guide your work, as this can keep you from getting distracted and disheartened on the road. Knowing what you plan to accomplish will help you stay focused and productive as you travel. Depending on your commute method, you might be able to use your travel time to:

Strategize Your Work

Commuting often doesn’t allow for a lot of hands-on work. But it does give you time to take a deep breath and think about your overarching goals at work. Taking time to come up with a strategy means you’ll arrive on the job ready to go out and seize the day.

Staying productive might involve a daily session of strategizing and reviewing your options. You can:

·         Brainstorm Ideas

·         Go Over Your To-Do List

·         Explore New Ideas

Handle Catch Up Work

Do you have an inbox full of messages that need replies? You can knock out messages if you’re using public transportation or a ridesharing service for your commute. You can clear up these time-consuming tasks during your commute to free up work time for more in-depth activities.

Learn Something New

Podcasts, audiobooks, and online language learning options make it easy to broaden your mind during your commute. You can focus on information directly related to your job or branch out and explore new information.

Anyone can listen to something, which makes this a great option if you’re behind the wheel during your commute. You also have the options of bringing along newspapers, magazines, or books to read while someone else drives.

Record Your Thoughts and Ideas

Don’t forget to keep track of your moments of inspiration during your commute. If you aren’t behind the wheel, you can write down plans and strategies. If you are driving, you can use voice capture to speak your thoughts aloud and ensure they’re recorded.

Keeping track of the work you do on the road can help you stay motivated. You’ll then be able to see the direct benefits of your commute-time work.

Many of us don’t look forward to our daily commutes. Travel time can feel like a drain on your energy levels before you ever get to work. Fortunately, you can handle your killer commute by staying focused and productive.

Make sure you’re ready to take charge by turning your commute into a time to plan for the day, handle important tasks, and learn something new.